april 15, sunday. 3 - 5 pm.

auction of artwork, fundraiser for peggy brewin, internationally loved, reknowned day-care centre.

auction held at the prestigious mill in wakefield, quebec

this is the painting i am donating:  singing birds, 40 inches x 20 inches, oil on canvas.

a  few thoughts on singing birds:
This painting is from a series I made where I was influenced by some poems my children wrote using the very popular single word fridge magnets.

I incorporated the poems into my paintings to give another dimension to some imagery that was pre-occupying me at the time,  images of plants, birds, gardens.

I initially employed the poems as titles and hand-printed them very carefully along the bottom of the painting.  However, as the series grew, the poems became part of the painting and the letters of the text took on a visual quality allowing them to be experienced graphically as participants in the painting.

In this painting, Singing Birds, the text is perceptually suggestive of twisted, gnarly shoots and roots that we take notice of in the spring.

The meaning of the text, singing birds gather in a well-tended
heart/garden, is a kind of poetic mnemonic, both a playful and consequential reminder of taking the time to care for and to nurture the condition of our heart in the midst of our being swamped and engrossed with the daily living patterns in the course of our life.

Many other paintings from this series are currently on display in an exhibition & sale at le Hibou restaurant in Wakefield.
757 Chemin Riverside (819) 459-8883

Thank you,

John F. Marok 

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