tracking mt. rupert #2

yesterday's snow made a mess on the city roads, a masterpiece in forest trails
painting first impression. 
i have to look at this for a while...take a break, play with the dogs
i liked the 1st impression not enough to keep really after, back at it
 i scraped , added, scraped away, added until something appeared that reflected what i was seeing.


on this day, nothing went well. i couldn't see, everything was muted. subtle. on this day i epitomized how awkward humans are in the world.  easel falling over, painting falling off, snow on palette, no tables to hold anything, cold hands can't hold brush, knife, cold feet, nothing goes smoothly, nothing seems to go right, .... but everything really is going right. i paint outside to break the rhythm of patterns established in studio work. to find out something that can only come out of exploring the unknown, to go where no man has gone before...well, okay, maybe not that grandiose, but you get the picture, so to speak. 

i was happy with  the little white cloud that appeared after scraping the sky one final time.
maybe this painting is not so bad afterall.
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