an unknown beginning

4,5,1.  oil on canvas, 30"x36"


hmmm, the deaf-mute painter, lay on the floor, in the sun patch, on the tetrahedron geometrified marble inlay of his kitchen tiles.  soft breath, half-closed eyes, snow falling off cedars.

this is how earnest hemingway described hmmm:

a simple man in a complex position, he possessed a necklace of pizza crust, a necktie of hand-made pasta, a noose of cookie dough - tasty on the tongue, like the original sin, irresistibly dangerous, like an iconoclastic jazz pianist.

this is how emily bronte described hmmm:  

a man whose self-effacing quality caused him to eat with the rats of the inner city, to blow with the ashes of a neglected campfire, to hold upright a renegade nail from a horse hoof waiting to pierce the puffed, pink flesh of an easy, breezy covergirl.


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