the path of an idea

upward path, 30"x36", oil on canvas


the certified organic-freedom village of richsatan was well known for the anarchist who had been squatting in the abandoned crystal mine on the edge of town since the heady days of ham radio. this was when the train’s semi-conductor with the magnifying glass put 2 and 2 together, recognized that what we see is not what we know. the anarchist knew this but couldn’t put it into words, decided to have the semi-conductor’s ideology printed, bound and distributed as mandatory reading material for all those who apply for a license to run a company that employs 3 or more people. the manifesto of the printed pamphlet proposes one primary message but it will never find the eyes of the chief justice of introspective bribery. happily so, for that would effectively kill it off. as it is,  the vitality of the proposition is not limited to ideology of the mind, indeed it protests in favour of the ideology of action, provides a key to open the locked door of tyranny, the low-life of autocracy, the dominion of despotism. it is a road sign for the breeze of empathetic behavior, provides the most direct direction to waft straight up the nostrils into the bloodstream of decadence.  this is how it happened: the janitor, dusting the desk of the justice of bribery,  saw the pamphlet, was captivated by it’s title “reap, prey, dove” sat down, read it, fell asleep with dreams of sugar plums in his head, was awoken by his task-master who was initially enraged but then intrigued by the pamphlet’s title and vision.  the task-master held the pamphlet up to the light, smelled it, tasted it, swished it around in his mouth, swallowed - allowing the complexity to reveal itself then was induced into a state of heightened tranquility brought on by an arrow of a thought that spun forward, attracting and repulsing, like the dual strands of electro-magneticism braiding its eternal path into the heart of the son.

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