mind field

dear john,  oil on paper,  22" x 30"

dancing is an activity that provokes remembrance, it’s designed that way, makes you feel both full and hungry. the world’s best dancer, an inuit from northern quebec, is also a hunter who wears the fur of bears, can start a fire with a precise combination of frictionalized whale blubber and seal fat. what makes his technique unique is his use of feet in the process, nimble as they are. he has the gift of foot massage, one leg balancing, cross-legged hopping. a brief description: his hands betray gravity, no one ever slips from his grip. his hair and head is both ball and chain, a greased spherical orbit, a sequence of links that are a compilation of memories. on the day of auditions he appeared only seconds before his turn, no warm-up, said he was out taking in the sights. the judges cued the music. instantly his sand-papered seal fur boots went flying, one at a time, blowing out the speakers and lights. cold black water darkness. wind packed snow silence. his breathing became shapes, his movements music. he pulled at the blackness like a cape, creating a cloak of a landscape that undulated with rhythms of tidal currents, hot and cold air masses. he eroded the isthmus, unifyed the water of body. 

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