a message

it's time.  gouache on paper. 16"x16"


i recently started to write on a more regular basis after an incident with a bird. over the past winter,  a bird of an unidentified variety appeared, each morning, singing on the sill of my kitchen window. i was struck both by the bird's unusual plumage and by it's curious song. eventually, i decided to make a recording of this most remarkable of creatures.
while gearing up my dad's classic marantz reel-to-reel, i accidently backmasked the bird sounds onto a track so when i played them over they came out in reverse. initially, it sounded really bizarre but after several runs, it revealed a noise that was discernible unmistakably as a human's voice singing or rather grumbling (like tom waits) the following message:  

"i will carry you on the wings of nesharim to the land of blackened pages."

i took it as a sign.

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