meek creek,  oil on canvas,  11" x 14"


this is what was happening on the interior of hmmm,  on the innards of the deaf-mute painter:
atoms that formed the composition of his thoughts were seeking a way out of his body, a way out into the world, a destination.  the only way out for his thoughts was when hmmm spun in a circle and turned his body into a centrifuge, initiating an outward pull upon the physiology of his cogitation, on the composition of his ruminations, on the reaction of his guts. when hmmm spun his body, the atoms of his thoughts clustered together into several sub-groups, some strong, some not so strong. the stronger the thought, the larger the cluster, the more forceful the pull outward. when hmmm felt that the exertion of clustered atoms pressing against his chest had reached their zenith,  he stopped in his curvilinear track, lined up his body with the stone directly, immediately in front of him to create a line between two points, he walked forward, he picked up the stone, he put it in his satchel, and he continued walking outward into the landscape. he did this each morning to find his daily destination. it was like playing spin the bottle with his body but instead of kissing the stone that he was pointing to, he would pick it up, proceed forward, fully, completely, 100% motivated and compelled, unquestioning his choice to go forth.

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