hmmm, the deaf mute painter

16" x 16"  oil on canvas


in the year 1 a.d., hmmm, the deaf-mute painter, ascended upon a small mountain village in the heart of chi-chi known as mt. lemon jello. he had no mission yet he walked unfaltering, purposefully like a man that was seeking a very particular place, like a man that was seeking a place he had never seen before but would recognize once he saw it.  hmmm did this for 6 hours each day over the course of one month during the period in history that is known as the golden halo era.

when hmmm first started his sojourn up mt. lemon jello no-one questioned his action as they thought he was just going for a walk. it soon became apparent that hmmm was being pulled or guided, compelled or beckoned and that he didn't quite know where he was going.  everyday was the same: hmmm would wake up, eat a little, start walking, perhaps change direction slightly once or twice and continue on his way. he would only stop when he was tired, have a rest and then continue on. at night hmmm would fall asleep in the spot where stopped walking and then start all over the exact same way the very next day.

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