circle of stones

a fleeting thought   oil on canvas   36"x30"


every morning when hmmm the deaf-mute painter awoke, he awoke to find his body surrounded by a circle of stones. the circle was 3 metres in diameter and was composed of 33 stones evenly spaced, stones the size of potatoes. hmmm didn't understand this, didn't know how the stones got there, why they were there or what they meant. hmmm didn't question the stones, he just didn't know anything about them and left it at that. he wasn't afraid. he was more like an animal in the woods that happened by the result of a geological event, like a crater or an earthquake crack in the earth. it just existed and was acknowledged without an emotional response to it. one day before he departed on his daily walking sojourn, hmmm decided to take one of the more unusual stones from the circle, placed it in his small side satchel and carried it with him.

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