not her again, 10"x8",  oil on panel.


hmmm, the deaf-mute painter traveled everywhere with his dog, blink. blink was a purebred mutt, a fine specimen, a mutt of the highest order. when hmmm was cold at night, blink would sense it and curl up close to hmmm. when hmmm felt a little cautious or was filled with unease, blink would sense it and stay close, right up beside hmmm. one time, after not finding food for several days, blink appeared with what hmmm initially thought to be a rock in his mouth, but upon closer examination was found to be a white truffle, alba madonna, the marbled-like fruiting body of an underground mushroom. hmmm was unaware of the rarity of white truffles, had no idea of their value. in actual fact, the white truffle that blink returned with on that day would have weighed in at 3 pounds 3 ounces which would have put it in the guinness book of world records, had that exhaustive compilation of data existed in the year 1 ad.

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