Open Studio Exhibition

dreams are curious events. we all have them. even dogs, certainly my dogs do. every night they are chasing rabbits, running from bears, running with coyotes, howling with the wolves. in the old testament daniel has a dream of animals, more like beasts. lions, bears, leopards and a non-descript one with iron teeth and ten enormous horns. his dream was prophetic, something to do with king
nebuchadnezzar. some aboriginal tribes in australia believe that dreams are real and reality is a dream. that's a real mind-bender. when andy warhol was shot by one of his superstars he heard the doctors say, "i don't think he's gonna make it."  when andy awoke from the surgery he said he never knew if he had died and that his post-surgery life was now merely a dream. he said it gave him great freedom to do whatever he wanted.
my own dreams are often of structures. geometry. houses. i am often building something that is important, yet i never really know what it is. or, i am taking something apart that requires great care, delicate hands, focused eyes. i think that whatever dreams are, they are revealing. they reveal something to us in a way which we hadn't really considered. my dreams influence me. when i have one of my structure dreams, i usually awake and go through the day with an acute sensitivity in my hands. my eyes see things very sharply. i see things fully, completely, slowly.
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