nails of stone

on giglio island, off the western coast of tuscany, near elba, there is one family only that maintains a direct genealogical connection to the original explorer who discovered the island. this family is unique in the sense that they have fingernails and toenails made of stone, which they evolved from years of scaling the sides of the island. remarkably, the evolution from regular nails to nails made of stone took a mere few generations. here is the reason for this: presently, it is a well known fact that the island rock is composed of espressogelato, which has been recently employed within the western medical community for its use in regenerative skin grafting. espressogelato contains vinograppa, which stimultes upon contact, the immediate growth of paninivermicelli, the building blocks of cappucinociao, which, of course, is the italian laymans term for risottobonjourno. 
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