sumerian erotic poetry

john f. marok  still life  oil/collage

ancient sumerians had a culture that celebrated life, cherished, explored human emotions.  they made scrolls depicting beautiful paintings of lovers, detailed imagery of gardens, food preparation, advanced wine-making techniques. more than 5000 years ago sumerians originated a writing system which enabled them to record techniques, recipes, and to express, explore nuances of the human heart through  erotic literature, poetry.

following is a translation of a sumerian erotic love poem found on a badly decayed scroll:

peeling back
layers of time
guided by
fragrance, taste
my tongue
yields a sound
from her throat
deeper i go
into the cave
of ancient history
dripping, wet
quiver, shake
a river, a lake
quake of earth
volcanic lava
so much heat
i go ga-ga

(approximately next 9 lines of scroll
are badly torn, worn...impossible to decipher)

a goodnight kiss
rest-full bliss
who's to say
the world's amiss?



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