leonard cohen dream #2

south carolina cottage  16"x20" gouache/paper

went to a hockey game with leonard but we could not get any seats to see the game so we had to sit in the restaurant area away from the game…we could hear the crowd but not see anything.  leonard orders a bowl of cereal and is eating it and telling me about his upbringing…how he had servants who would wipe his chin if he spilled any food while he was eating.  after he is done i say “do you want anymore?"  leonard says “are you kidding I could eat the whole box."  and then i say, “wow for a moment i was your father and you were a boy- or no, sorry, i know your dad died when you were young, maybe i was an uncle." he smirks and then two beautiful women come in (they had very exotic long legs and were from cuba wearing sunglasses) and its like they can smell our attraction to them.  they sit down beside us and leonard glances at me as if to say “here we go again."

one of the women takes out an old photograph of a city block with unusual perspective and shows it to us and is trying to explain that the photo is of a part of a city block that showed all the buildings that someone owned.  leonard just shrugs and we leave hoping to get in and see the game and i notice leonard is buying an 8 foot long submarine sandwich which i have to help him carry because it is falling apart.  i look at him as if to say, “you’re eating more?"


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