inadvertent photography

john f. marok  4 houses  gouache/paper

recently, an exciting discovery was made by the reknowned icelandic archaeologist jikel molif. this discovery is being touted and promoted as  a predecessor to the photo - graphic image, a kind of early rudimentary daguerreotype. this groundbreaking find was made near akulivik, in the north of quebec, canada. the discovery consists of a shadowy silhouette-like image, blurry but suggestive, of a male and female inuit in a hugging, somewhat suggestively erotic position. the image is on the inside skin of the very rare albino caribou (albus caribus). the skin of the caribou contains a highly responsive light sensitive pigment that, when exposed to a light source, will absorb, record and reveal a kind of "photon branding" and, thus, the image is born or created.  it is postulated that the skin of the albino caribou was hanging over the entrance to the igloo when the inuit couple were engaged. there was a light source, most likely burning whale blubber or seal fat, that was in back of them thus casting a shadow of their entwined bodies onto, or rather into, the caribou skin.


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