ear's story:

ear had a gift, accelerated cognitive development,  learned quickly then excelled.  this caused him much distress throughout his life because his friends were initially captivated then became jealous, envious, would attempt to turn his gift into a circus act.  strangers would be fascinated by his ability and ear would start to think they were his friends only to find out later that they viewed him as a freak, entertainment, not human. in bars and nightclubs complete strangers would buy ear a drink if he would talk backwards, do complex multiplications in his head, recite full passages from the old testament,  discuss the relationship between time and space.  ear felt like he was a contestant in a recreational pageant and eventually had to go to psychotherapy.  psychotherapy challenged him in an expansive fertile positive way.  ear learned skills that were not the kind of skills he had previously developed.  the skills he was confronted with learning in psychotherapy had their origins in a mirror, had to do with self-examination, revealing, identifying, understanding characteristics of one's own being.  ear felt liberated,  loved what was happening to himself.  through the dialog with the psychotherapist ear became excited about his life, excited at shedding his old ways, old patterns. ear didn't just feel free, he was becoming free. ear understood the most crucial ingredient about psychotherapy, the most important thing:  testing of the material in the world. without testing psychotherapy degenerates into a thought experiment, a series of entertaining speculations and psychobabble that have no impact on one's life,  behavior,  feelings. ear always put his thoughts into action and loved how he began to feel, how he began to act towards others, how he saw people in the world, how he saw himself.


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