eye, nose, ear, voice.


eye is the wandering artist but he doesn't like traveling, hates sleeping in beds other than his own. when eye travels he doesn't know what to do, doesn't really have a sense of where the fun is. he walks aimlessly pretending to be interested in things like museums, sidewalks, food. sometimes he sits for half a day on a terrasse at a cafe watching people, making up stories about them. eye is a terrible traveler, everyone who he has traveled with always ends up hating him. eye is much better at traveling inside himself, he feels more alive and awakened when he just sits still and breathes.

nose has wanderlust, a strong desire to travel. nose loves traveling, traveling around the world. when nose started to travel as a young man he never gave much thought to where he would go. one thing always led into another. one day he would be buying fruit from the street vendor in the village of his hometown, he'd be discussing the origin of the bananas because they had an exotic sticker on them, from a kibbutz in israel. next day he would have met an israeli woman, he'd ask her about the kibbutz, she would know it because her uncle worked on it, she would invite him to kibbutz tel katzir, nose would fall in love with the israeli woman and go to the kibbutz.

ear was a wunderkind. a wunderkind is a child prodigy, someone who achieves a high level of skill at a very young age. ear learned chess from his father at age 7, soon after was winning against his father. his father put him in chess tournaments, ear always won for his age group. soon he was playing against players twice his age and winning. ear was recognized as having great potential by a local chess player with "master" status, he began training ear and ear lost interest, began to hate chess, stopped playing altogether.  his gift became his curse.

voice was always wondering about the world, about the universe. he daydreamed his life away. grades
1-6 were a blur because voice would just sit, stare out the window. he didn't learn a thing that the teacher was teaching. when it came time for tests or homework voice would just cheat, copy from his friends. he felt no guilt, voice knew that the most important thing for himself was to stare and daydream.


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