duo  30" x 22"  gouache/paper

eye, the wandering artist, forwarded the email from nose to ear. ear and nose didn't see eye to eye, ear found nose self-centered with an over bearing sense of entitlement, too outspoken. ear read the email and wrote back to eye:

hi eye,

thanks for forwarding the note from nose...was interesting to hear what he has been doing for the last 13 years. somehow, i always thought of him, was sure he was ok and that he would one day seek us all out again. as you know, my relationship with him is not as yours is, nevertheless, i respect him for following his dream to travel and experience the world in the way in which he chooses. i was never exactly sure why i didn't get along with him, could be i was just envious of his ability to take the bull by the horns so to speak, something i could never do. he always seemed to be in motion, always had some goal he was moving towards and always had the means to do it. i think i was partly jealous of his financial situation, ie rich parents, and how they always seemed to support him in all his endeavors. do you remember how he ordered an exact replica car kit of that bugatti and built it himself over the winter?  it was beautiful. meanwhile, i had to be content with restoring my old man's 1966 karmann ghia which, to this day, still sits in the collapsing garage in the back of my parents house, half finished.  but this note is not meant to dis our old friend nose for i am truly happy to hear from him. i was mostly wondering how you responded to his description of leaving the ashram and having that bird whisper in his ear...what was that all about, do you really believe him?  for me, i am not sure, i always felt that nose had such a knack for the spectacular, was such a showman. it's almost like he is making this stuff up. what do you think?  

ps. have you forwarded nose's note to voice?... i'd love to hear his comments.

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