3 amigos

all together now  40" x 30"  gouache/paper

eye, the wandering artist, has 2 good friends - voice and ear. voice is quiet, shy, but persistent.  ear visits only when eye is still. eye is often still because he likes ear's company. voice comes and goes as he pleases, often surprising eye when eye isn't looking. sometimes voice surprises eye and eye doesn't  notice because he is paying too much attention to ear, ear can be demanding in that way. voice is never dismayed, even when eye misses his comments, he knows that eye is listening to ear. ear is quite serious, voice is serious too but also ridiculous, a joker, he makes eye laugh. sometimes he makes eye laugh so much that eye can't hear ear even when ear is yelling, which makes ear frustrated. voice is never frustrated, even when he isn't heard. voice will humm,  harmonize, whistle, syncopate beats with any found sound or makes up lyrics like a rapper. eye gets along well with both voice and ear but ear and voice are stand-offish toward one another, eye is the bridge.


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