rue laval. montreal. oil on canvas 16"x20"


i've been painting full time for 30 years and i habitually revisit themes from my past.  the two paintings reproduced here were made 15 years apart.  laval st. (above) 2010 and street corner (below) 1995.  revisiting my own paintings has been a central component in my development as a painter.  this process and what it yields can best be illuminated by likening it to being re-acquainted with old friends,  people i haven't
seen or spoken to for years.  the conversation will often start as though it is from the past, reflective of who we once were.  subtly, inevitably,  the interim of time influences the dialogue - we notice our vocabulary has altered, expanded, our concerns not the same as they once were.   a new, mysterious, unfamiliar yet compelling, mint condition stage of the relationship establishes its tiny tendrils between us and a fresh and stimulating  process of exploration and transmutation begins anew.

street corner. oil/collage on paper. 30"x22"
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