on 'n on

traces  30"x30"  oil/canvas

eye, the wandering artist, had a garage sale, hardly sold a thing,  few pots of flowers, an antique ice cream scoop.  couldn't sell his paintings, gave them away to the local basement library centre.  lady said they don't accept paintings, specially bad ones but could make an exception if eye gave 20 bucks administration donation. next day eye took the b train to o town, then switched onto the f-you highway and exited at the f-off. stayed the night in beantown. morning time hooked a ride to animal city, walked cross the tracks to pillage village,  thumbed his nose at the chimps and pimps. learned his lesson the hard way, stayed after class. met the girl of his dreams,  blinked a hello, lit her wick, warmed her glow. read by her light, skateboarded at night,  shared some a that turkish delight. took a walk, hand in hand, got mixed into a marching band. band went left, they went right, took a hike, rode a bike, went on strike, grabbed the mike.  don't take it anymore,  don't have to be poor,  milk your cow, grow your kids, fix the lids and train the rain. eat the flowers, get superpowers, be free, hug a tree. have your way, go or stay, punch the clock what a crock. look your best, go out west, eat for free, take a pee. have a break, jump in a lake,  no-one knows if its truth or fake.


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