scribe  40"x30"  oil/canvas

memo to all former art addicts:  the museum that once housed the only original picasso has burnt down. the good news is that the moles have rebuilt the entire place, picasso included, with a fully equipped hostility room, fur covered computer screens (for higher education) and the long awaited sardine can room which picasso himself wanted but was too much of a mute to put it into words.  the bad news is that the ashes of the former museum have fused into a kind of radioactive pipe tobacco. this was discovered by mr. matisse when he reviewed the exhibition next door and, during lunch break, went out side for a hard-boiled egg sandwich. mrs. matisse, well known for her use of ashes and eggs, called the master on his cell phone and begged him to never ever use worms as bait again. mr. matisse heard the panic in her voice and for once in his life gave her the authority to use his motoscooter to attend mass on the following sunday.  according to witnesses the whole place was never actually a museum but only a raw sewage plant that smelled like roses, the kind that japanese adolescents give to donkeys to keep their spirits high and also to make sure the sleeping giant stays that way...that is, erect and sacred. 


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