traces  30"x30"  oil/canvas

 eye, the wandering artist, noticed that his shadow was longer,  stretched out like an elastic band, taut like a string on a violin or a banjo or maybe a harp or any one of them depending on the pock marks, the frozen dry pebbles, the hollowed caverns. eyes eye's were hypnotized, transfixed by the why of the twigs, the maple of the leafs, the barking of the trees. eye looked up, howled at moon, startled her, woke her up, asked if he could have the next dance. moon, always on the ball, played coy, distant, stand-offish. eye took the cue, chalked it up and called it, "yellow and blue in the side and corner pocket."  eyes announcement took moon's breath away, she stopped her chatting, her self-absorption and thought only one thought, a thought from her past, from the time when the blackness of the holes taunted her, cajoled her into the dark side.  it slowed her motion, rowed her tation, orbed her bit. eye knew he had her, cracked a shot in the dark, split the waves, unlocked the door, opened the window and let the light in.

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