leonard cohen dream #1



tree and shadow  20"x24"  oil/canvas


leonard was sitting at general bearing co. (where, in reality,  fero art transport is picking up my paintings).  and I notice he is wearing sunglasses and he says to me:  “your paintings are to you what an anthill is to an ant”.  i shook his hand (with two hands) and then took off my sunglasses, but it was in reverse.  when I took off my glasses I noticed him as though he has already noticed me.
(i don't really understand this) then he said he recognized me and was looking at my paintings at general bearing making some comments out loud, remembering the catalog I had sent to him (in real life this is true).  i left the building and was jumping with such gymnastic ability down sherbrooke st. in montreal and i noticed two women pushing strollers who were wearing very tight, appealing and sexy clothing. i could see the outline of their underwear through their clothes.

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