big rocks  76" x 60" oil/canvas

it was one of life's simple, everyday events but in this case and with the people involved it yielded a pivotal moment in the history of the human species.  it started when they both quit high school, right in the middle of the math 417 final government exam.  in the midst of this seemingly inconsequential action,  a critical point in evolutionary development took shape and it began on this day in the school gymnasium.  they both looked at each other,  put their pencils down,  got up and walked out.  they didn't know what they had started, didn't know what precedent they were setting. there was no discussion, they just smiled with smiling eyes, glowed with glowing skin.  they walked hand in hand out of the gym, down the steps and into the parking lot. she rolled back the 1964 honda superhawk and kick started it.  he got on the back, held her tight around the waist, leaned his head in sideways against her spine, closed his eyes.  he loved not knowing where she was taking him. he knew that she knew that he loved not knowing. she knew that he knew that she knew where to go.  it was a form of trust that no humans had ever experienced before in the history of human beings. they had no clue about this, not an inkling that they were at the cutting edge of human evolution, that they were forging a new path and all subsequent human relationships would change after basking in the after glow of their electro-magnetic field. it was the lining up of the atoms, the naming of the god-particle.


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