occupatio 12"x12"  oil on canvas

eye, the wandering artist, chanced upon a discovery concerning chillybean the middle-aged  poet.  the president of the club, bored with himself, without hesitation and without authentication announced the finding.  few were surprised, one quit the club, and one committed to walking the santiago de compostela every year until death did her part.  the discovery was of writings that chilly kept at her bedside in the months leading up to her death.  chill had a kindergarten level ability with penmanship, liked to slurp tomato soup off a silver spoon, find new ways of landing after slipping on a banana peel.   during the corking process it was reported that the writings were of chilly's words but the documentation wasn't,  was from the hands of her lover the sullen and mournful and darkly beautiful 7.   he didn't write with a pencil or quill but scratched her words, his letters into blacked wax that had been applied over the polished ivory horn of an indian elephant.  if eye had announced at speakers corner in hyde park,  "chillybean is a woman who occupies herself with occupatio",  he wouldn't have been far off.  each evening before bed and at the end of each entry chilly would bring up a subject, always her beloved pipe,  merely to say that she will not mention it...10 minutes later, like clockwork, 7 would return with her pipe, no questions asked, even though she was dying of buckingham palace, apollo belvedere and gypsy fever.

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