afternoon tea

citylife  30"x50"  oil/canvas


the palace of crystal shattered when the babies cried out for m &m's...we want more...and we want it right now.  mama,  standing alone in her fishnet stockings and hound's tooth jacket looked perplexed but full of love. pops, on the other hand, was the picture of smeary oil paint, a candelabra, an unnamed cousin, an apple without the skin.  what's more, the neighbours were starting to pay attention. the family banker, psychiatrist and refrigerator repairman stopped playing bacci ball in order to accomodate the extra bodies.  tying her shoelaces, the female dog howled then whimpered thinking that her jungian approach would solicit sympathy.  not true.  jung, who was more of a record producer than a produce manager, set the tone early.  his pace was unheard of.  the president cracked open the coconuts and began the one cared save the old hound known nationally as "the one".


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