streaming thoughts

 what time is it?  16" x 16".  gouache on paper.


everyone was talking about that kid. the one with the hair. and the mom. and the youtube. he was at the local joint last night, decided to bring his act to the open mike. no one believed it was him. thought it was a local skateboard kid pulling a fast one, trying to make a quick buck, get a few girls, a free drink.  his voice was smooth like mexican mezcal.  he sang, played guitar, did some breakdancing, a coupl'a interviews, signed a hundred or so autographs, shook his head to maintain the smooth, big, round, fluffy hunny-bunny hairdo and then, presto, was outta there.  the highpoint of the evening was when he asked who his biggest fan was. i, being a non-local, raised my hand immediately, shot it up like a masai warriors spear,  and as i was wearing the eye-of-the-tiger ring my best friends enlightened mom gave me as a present for indulging her in some vietnamese pho soup...well let's just say, the joke was on him...let's just say he had no choice in the matter. he had to ask me, it was written, destiny, the way of the warrior, the times they are-a-changin'.  next thing he knows, he asking, begging and pleading for me to do his next album cover, "live on mars". i told him, " i already got ideas, call me tomorrow, mornings are best, we'll sit down, have a pow-wow, a round table, a head-to-head think tank...just you 'n me, a coupl'a adolescent, hightop wearing, rubiks cube playing, smart-ass, cutie p'tooties."
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