streaming thoughts

montreal. 16" x 18". oil on canvas


now that was a terrific party.  you didn't tell me that the email girl was coming. or that other kite of a mind, ms. hush.  god, i love her sense of humor. did i tell you she proposed to me in the broom closet?  only thing is i was eating at the time and, well, you know me and food...kinda like bare feet on wet sand.  she didn't care though - just moved onto the next guy. at one point i saw you doing your fish imitation...complete with hook and sinker in your mouth.  by the way, when i left i saw the attic light on, do you think that mrs. marbles was back in town?  if it was her that would have meant that she traveled by foot through the tire fire.  don't get me started. last time she did that i didn't hear the end of it.  and then her twin chimed in, "oooh, look at me, i'm so pretty, i'm a secret agent- the kind that kills for fun".  what a hypocrite. last time uncle bear said the same thing... then everyone in town was hungover from being force fed her home-brew.  never again.  she can take her ball and return it for a full refund. or just go back to her rabbit hole. if you wanna call it home. i mean let's get serious...since when is a home a home. homes are nothing but head offices for collection agencies or storage vault for unmarked bills...everyone knows that.

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