streaming thoughts

through the trees. 68" x 54". oil on canvas


i got the results back and, yes, the ticket is indeed a winning one. who you gonna take?  you could always ask the girl that puts on juicer demo's at the fruit stand.  she seems not only cut from a scottish cloth but also able to carry you if you get that stomach virus again.  plus, i saw her taking notes on your hat styles the other day...i think she's a closet archivist.  the man who owns the rubber tree farm is always fun to hang out with...but not for more that an hour or two.  his ex-wife says that his sleepwalking will get to you.  every night its the same deal: he gets up, turns the water on full and then calls the police department complaining that someone is trying to steal our half of niagara falls.  claims to have no memory of it in the morning but i suspect its his way of pushing the envelope, running the gauntlet and putting bums in seats.  can't argue with that, it worked for his dad and human nature hasn't changed at all, only the haircuts.  my advice is to just wait it out.  when do you leave?  the 25th?  you got time.  the smooth skinned blondie with the high-tops that walks her pet skunk every evening after supper would be a good match for you.  i heard that she's into home herb gardens and sand castles and just the other day my dogs were standing on their hind legs watching her over the fence as she put the top onto a 4 foot house cards. bingo.

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