more garbage hunting

 garbage sculpture. cap'n crunch cereal box
 on ice pedestal. wakefield, quebec.


spring season wakes everything up, encourages us to be in the sun, the fresh air.  additionally, more people with dogs are outside walking on the trail.  yesterday, there was a neighbour and his husky.  my own dogs think they own the trail,  in their minds any other living creature is an uninvited trespasser,  an unwanted guest and must be taken out, eliminated.  fighting dogs are frightening.  lustful growling, lots of rolling around, very melo-dramatic. they make throaty sounds as though they are killing one other and display gaping jaws, white fang teeth.  the entire experience is very alarming.  no dog was hurt but it isn't something i want to go through everyday. less walking on the trail means more time with leashes on the roads. my dogs don't like walking on leashes so i started running with them. running helps to shake off winter blahs. as good for the mind as it is the body.  elevating my heart-rate, finding a rhythm with my breathing, hitting my stride...being in the moment -  it's all good.  running also provides the opportunity to be up close and personal with the roadsides and ditches - to scope out some primo garbage pieces along these back country roads in the middle of nowhere, this forgotten paradise.  happily i have spotted 4 or 5 potential winners...1 cigarette pack (du maurier), 2 coke cans, 1 dr. pepper, a cd (unknown), a dead bird (crow) and my favorite - a bible. if the bible provides adequate shade from the sun and it yields an ice pedestal (as described in yesterdays post) it will make a handsome and substantial sculpture, worthy of any museum...replete with subtle social commentary,  aesthetically compelling colors and visually engaging textural contrasts.  however,  respectfully,  one cannot and one must not hurry the creative process.   it is still cold outside - the temperature gets barely above 0 a result, this evolution from discarded roadside stuff to work of art may take 4 or 5 days.  please contain your excitement,  maintain your composure,  don't touch that dial,  keep your eye on the prize,  let your fingers do the walking,  i'll keep you posted.
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