streaming thoughts

my small painting made to appear very large


i tried to do it your no avail. it kept catching up to me and not taking into consideration the two most important things: high wire acts and squeegee kids. i know you gave up both a long time ago but think about it...they were formative and therefore have some bearing on your current condition. myself, i can't hide from the truth. i've tried running, hiding and pretending to sleep but it always seems to find me. one time, i was driving in east texas humming to a tune the gospel radio station was playing when it stung me right in the eye. good thing i had my cotton candy with me...i woulda been a goner otherwise. me, i can't do no wrong these days. not like last week - i couldn't even give it away. one guy told me to mark the prices at negative 25...meaning i would pay people 25$ to take them. even that didn't work. people became suspicious and thought that i would send a collection agency after them. who wants that, besides me? not me that's for sure. imagine the kid's face when the knock arrives at the door. one eye up, one eye down. either way, its curtains buddy, the shows over. it's been fun but we're starting to get a little redundant here. i mean, there are only so many masterpieces in me. and this one ain't.
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