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Orange Art Gallery

Orange Art Gallery My first encounter with Ingrid Hollander, the owner of Orange Gallery in Ottawa Ontario, was auspicious. We had exchanged emails after I'd sent her a link to an exhibition I was having in the Ottawa region of large-scale figurative oil paintings. " I like your work, very impressive. What are the sizes? ", she had inquired back via email. I immediately fired back another email, surprised, excited to have received a response from an actual human with a somewhat personal flavour rather than the usual, " Thank you for your interest in ... Gallery. We are currently not taking on any new artists ...".  Then, nothing, no response. What? Too big? Too expensive? Too this, too that? A week went by, still no response. I let it go. Another gallery inquiry up in smoke. I was living in Sayulita, Mexico at the time of my initial email to Ingrid and having the distractions of the sun, sand, tacos and cerveza at my disposal, I decided to just forget

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